Future Land Use

The Future Land Use Map classifies all parcels within the Dublin planning area with a recommended land use, each shown with a different color. The map is supported by a detailed description of Land Use Classifications, which explain the general character of each land use type, including typical ranges for residential and non-residential densities.
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In some cases the recommended future land use is the same as the existing land use.  However, in certain locations throughout the planning area, the Future Land Use Map and special area plans contain parcels with existing uses that are proposed for a change in land use, or for redevelopment as part of a larger site.  In either case, it is not the intent of this Plan to place existing uses in a situation where their value or the quality of life of residents is adversely affected.  Rather, the intent is to demonstrate to potential purchasers or developers the City’s long-range view of how particular properties should be reconfigured and used should it become feasible to do so.

Accordingly, where existing uses are thriving, redevelopment proposals will generally only be considered under a narrow range of conditions.  Specifically, new development plans will only be considered for properties that are either already adjacent to or part of another new development, or, when a development proposal includes all of the existing, affected properties.

Existing uses should not be isolated or surrounded by development that would significantly alter their usefulness. Similarly, larger developments should not be planned that leave behind small, isolated pockets of incompatible uses.  To do so would severely limit the redevelopment potential for these sites and possibly interrupt traffic flow, natural feature protection, pedestrian movement, or other operation of the adjacent project. For more information regarding the Land Use Plan, maps, policies and intent, please contact Land Use and Long-Range Planning.

Land Use Classifications

As part of the Land Use Plan, definitions of existing land uses are provided and indicate the current status of properties within the planning area. The plan also applies the same definitions to express future land uses for every parcel within the planning area to clearly state future expectations for development. The use of like definitions for both existing and future conditions permits comparison between today’s conditions and expected conditions at build-out.


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