2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

Role of the Community Plan

The Community Plan is a guide for City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission as they assess the location, character, and extent of proposed public and private development in Dublin. The Plan’s policies and recommendations will be implemented over time through rezonings and su
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City Mission Statement

Dublin’s mission statement serves as the City’s broadest public policy directive. Dublin City Council adopted the mission statement in 1993 to define the major impetus behind all municipal actions: The City of Dublin strives to preserve and enhance the unique high quality offered to t
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Building Blocks

As the mission statement evolved through the 1997 Community Plan process, individual visioning statements related to critical elements of the Plan were created that represent the community’s values. The following brief descriptions are the building blocks that are reflected throughout
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Future Land Use Map

View Larger Map The Future Land Use Map classifies all parcels within the Dublin planning area with a recommended land use, each shown with a different color. The map is supported by a detailed description of Land Use Classifications, which explain the general character of each land u
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Creating Architectural Identity

Establishing a definable “place” is an important element of planning and marketing efforts for the West Innovation District. The application of architecture should be used to create a unique identity that sets this portion of Dublin apart from other business neighborhoods in the city.
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Paying Attention to Detail

Attention to detail can have a profound impact toward formulating an image that sets the West Innovation District apart. The West Innovation District Plan is intended to establish a very definable geographic area unique from other business neighborhoods in Dublin. Smaller visual eleme
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Implementing the Vision

The 2007 Community Plan update established a general policy framework for development. The West Innovation District Plan goes further as a specific action plan to carry out a refined vision and encourage appropriate development.  The West Innovation District must not only include the
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Overview and Purpose

The Bridge Street District Plan’s purpose is to envision a future for this critical part of Dublin that takes full advantage of the area’s assets, puts forth a more sustainable pattern for future development, and capitalizes on emerging market opportunities over the next several decad
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US 33 Corridor Area

View Larger Map   Existing Character The U.S. 33 Corridor is an area defined by agricultural character that is on the verge of significant change. With rail access, several important highway interchanges and key interstate frontage, the area is highly accessible from I-270 and al
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Fiscal Health