2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

Religious Institutions

Existing Conditions Religious institutions and other civic buildings provide additional locations for services, civic activity and interaction. The Dublin area is served by at least 40 religious institutions, many of which have undergone tremendous growth in the past few years. Severa
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Existing Conditions In 2005, the City of Dublin published “The Cemeteries of Dublin, Ohio: History in Stone,” creating the first known compilation of cemetery information about the Dublin area. The city has many historic cemeteries and burial grounds of record, as well as other unmark
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Health and Human Services

Existing Conditions Human service programs and medical services are planned for and are offered by several organizations that include the City of Dublin’s Recreation Services, City of Dublin Volunteer Resources, Dublin Counseling Center, Dublin Youth Athletics, Dublin Soccer League, t
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Community Character

A community’s character is shaped by both physical and intangible elements. It is the essence of a place and what one remembers long after leaving and that which is described to others. The image of a community is not static – it can and will change over time. The City of Dublin’s pos
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Taking a look back Since 1995, Dublin’s residents and policy-makers have desired a plan that would control future traffic congestion to the greatest extent feasible, while maintaining appropriate land uses and continued fiscal health. It was recognized that although development patter
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Existing Land Use

View larger map The City of Dublin maintains an inventory of existing land uses within the 34-square-mile land use and fiscal modeling area (planning area) as shown in the Existing Land Use map. The planning area corresponds to water and sewer contract boundaries established with the
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Land Use Principles

Based upon extensive public input, discussion with City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission, and evaluation of community expectations and future needs, ten land use principles were developed to serve as the basis for evaluation of future development proposals. City Council
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Key Planning Issues

As with the 2007 Community Plan, Dublin’s housing and commercial needs have been identified as critical issues throughout the course of the planning process, informed by changes in the housing and commercial markets identified in Dublin and throughout the region over the previous five
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Regional Context

Dublin’s Place and Development in the Region Dublin was founded in 1810 as a farming and trading village. Substantial development did not occur until the 1970s with the completion of Interstate 270, the construction of the Ashland Chemical Company research and development center, and
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Fiscal Health