2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

150.060 Lots and Blocks

(A) Intent The intent of §153.060 is to establish a network of interconnected streets with walkable block sizes organized to accommodate multiple modes of transportation. The street network includes certain streets designated as principal frontage streets to create continuous, pedestr
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15.061 Street Types

(A) Intent The intent of §153.061 is to develop a comprehensive network of streets throughout the Bridge Street District that are configured to accommodate multiple modes of transportation, organized by a hierarchy of street character families, and consistent with the placemaking prin
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15.062 Building Types

(A) Intent The building types detailed in this section outline the required building forms for new construction and renovated structures within the Bridge Street District zoning districts. The intent of these building types is to provide a range of high quality residential, commercial
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153.063 Neighborhood Standards

(A) Intent Certain Bridge Street District zoning districts require special attention to locations and character of buildings, streets, and open spaces to accommodate larger scale, coordinated development and redevelopment to permit a wide variety of uses. The intent of §153.063 is to
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153.064 Open Space Types

(A) Intent and Purpose The intent of the open space type requirements is to ensure a variety of functional, well-designed open spaces carefully distributed throughout the Bridge Street District, located and planned to enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors
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153.065 Site Development Standards

(A) Purpose and Applicability (1) The purpose of the site development standards is to facilitate the implementation of the Bridge Street District Area Plan and establish a walkable, mixed-use urban core for the City of Dublin consistent with the principles and directions articulated i
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153.066 Review and Approval Procedures and Criteria

(A) Intent The intent of §153.066 is to provide an efficient and predictable review process for rezoning and/or development applications within the Bridge Street District zoning districts and to enhance Dublin’s reputation for high quality development while allowing property owners to
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Bridge Street District Special Area Plan

The Bridge Street District Plan unites information from the various planning and implementation documents developed as part of the Bridge Street Corridor Study process.
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Thoroughfare Plan

The Thoroughfare Plan is composed of two elements: 1) a map showing existing and planned roads by functional classification and right-of-way width; and 2) an associated table that describes each roadway and its planned improvements, including number of lanes.
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