2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

Thoroughfare Plan

View Larger Map The Thoroughfare Plan is composed of two elements: 1) a map (above) showing existing and planned roads by functional classification and right-of-way width; and 2) an associated table (see link below) that describes each roadway and its planned improvements, including n
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Roadway Character

Roadway character is defined by the visual experience created by the design of the roadway as well as the physical elements adjacent to it. Character types vary greatly and can evoke a variety of responses that create an immediate psychological effect on motorists and pedestrians. The
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The Bikeway Plan

View Larger Map The City of Dublin plans for bicycle infrastructure in conjunction with other transportation modes. Bikeways should be located and designed to provide links to schools, parks, civic uses, shopping centers, major residential neighborhoods and employment centers. A bicyc
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Public Transportation

Central Ohio is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the nation and has primarily developed in a low-density suburban form. Significant investment has been placed in the area’s road networks, resulting in relatively low congestion and commute times for Dublin and the region. Dub
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Municipal Service Agreements

The City of Dublin does not own or operate wastewater treatment facilities or a water treatment facility instead supplying these basic public services through arrangements with other jurisdictions. The city provides water and sanitary sewer service primarily through contracts with the
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Sanitary Sewer

Existing Conditions The sanitary sewer collection system for the City of Dublin contains seven major sanitary trunk sewers and seven sewer tributary areas. The sanitary sewer tributary areas include: Deer Run Sanitary Trunk Sewer North Fork Indian Run Sanitary Trunk Sewer South Fork I
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This demographic profile of Dublin highlights general characteristics and trends of the local population, including household size, educational attainment, employment characteristics, commuting trends and general housing types. In addition to these basic indicators of current conditio
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Water Supply

Existing Conditions The City of Columbus water supply is supported by both surface water and groundwater sources and is the primary source of drinking water for the city. The City of Columbus is currently in the process of improvements to increase the system’s water supply and safe yi
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Stormwater Management

View Larger Map Existing Conditions Unlike sanitary sewer and water systems stormwater flow is naturally occurs by way of swales, creeks, and rivers, each of which contributes to a larger drainage area called watersheds. This means that the City cannot impair, and needs to proactively
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Fiscal Health