2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

Incorporating Transit Options

Central Ohio is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the nation and has primarily developed in a low-density suburban form. Significant investment has been placed in the area’s road networks, resulting in relatively low congestion and commute times for Dublin and the region. Dub
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Creating the Groundwork

Utility infrastructure is a key ingredient for encouraging development within the West Innovation District. A majority of improvements will be extended along with major roadway enhancements, and the West Innovation District Plan includes study and analysis to ensure that infrastructur
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Emphasizing the Cutting Edge

The availability of water and sewer once signified the potential for development. However, times have changed and the City of Dublin has used foresight to address today’s business needs. The City of Dublin is working as a leader in Central Ohio to use technology infrastructure as an e
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Establishing Bikeways and Green Connections

Recreation and pedestrian movement are extremely important planning and design components within the West Innovation District. This business neighborhood provides a unique opportunity to establish a comprehensive system of commuter and recreational bikeways, including a greater emphas
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Planning Process

The 2007 update of the Community Plan was a multi-year effort that included an extensive two-year public input process, an assessment of existing conditions, the development of alternative future land use scenarios and the testing (via computer models) of multiple alternatives for tra
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Using the Plan

The Dublin Community Plan is a comprehensive planning guide that provides a compilation of policy objectives and strategies recommended for implementation. To be effective the Plan should be used on a regular basis to gauge public and private decisions concerning development, redevelo
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Existing Traffic Conditions

Within the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Dublin has a strong north-south road network that converges on downtown Columbus. In contrast, the area has an underdeveloped east-west road network, based in large part on the expense involved in bridging the Scioto River. This
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The Community Plan focuses on future impacts and future conditions within Dublin. Estimating traffic in future years was accomplished through a computer model (Cube/Voyager) that estimates traveler characteristics, quantified using information from MORPC and survey and land use data f
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The Transportation Plan

The Community Plan is the key policy document for decision-making about Dublin’s built and natural environments. The Community Plan text and associated maps contain detailed recommendations for development including the appropriate location and density/intensity of residential and com
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Fiscal Health