2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

Fostering Transportation Options

The Vision Principles of the Bridge Street Corridor Vision Plan address District objectives by emphasizing or accommodating transportation by several means other than cars, such as walking, biking, and the potential for future transit options. While Dublin has an extensive shared-use
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Emerald/Perimeter (Coffman Park) Area

View Larger Map ­ Existing Character The Emerald/Perimeter Area is centrally located within the Emerald Corporate Business District along the Emerald Parkway corridor. This area plan was originally referred to as the Coffman Park Area Plan in previous versions of the Community Plan. I
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Implementing the Vision

The Vision for the Bridge Street District will be implemented principally by property owners and developers as market opportunities emerge. There is significant interest in development in the Bridge Street District, with momentum in the local and national development community as many
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Northwest Glacier Ridge Area

View Larger Map Background: The Hyland-Croy Corridor Character Study The Hyland-Croy Road Corridor Character Study was completed in 2011 as a refinement to the Northwest/Glacier Ridge Area plan, providing a more detailed explanation of how rural roadway character should be preserved a
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Overview and Purpose

Policy makers were asked a few years ago to visualize what the area along U.S. 33 and the Post Road interchange would look like in the future. The generation of ideas and planning for the future of the West Innovation District began in earnest from that discussion. Today’s efforts con
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The Planning Process

The West Innovation District Plan was developed through public input spanning many years. The goal of the planning process was to meaningfully build from work encapsulated in the 2007 Dublin Community Plan. Years of effort by area residents, businesses and other stakeholders in develo
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Analyzing Potential

The West Innovation District comprises the western extent of future commercial expansion and outward development for the City of Dublin. The planning area stretches from Shier Rings Road on the south to SR 161 / Post Road to the north. Dublin’s 2007 Community Plan took a much broader
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Outlining Opportunities

Since the adoption of the 1997 Community Plan, Dublin has targeted the U.S. 33 / SR 161 interchange area for office, research and development and clean industrial uses. The 2007 Community Plan update studied employment potential along U.S. 33 and identified the West Innovation Distric
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Facilitating Access and Circulation

Quick and easy vehicular access is important to attract and maintain businesses within the West Innovation District. Located just west of I-270, the planning area includes interchanges and arterials that facilitate access to key logistics points, nearby communities and residential are
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Fiscal Health