2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

The Planning Process

From visioning to implementation, public input was an integral element of the Bridge Street District Plan. The goal of the planning process was to meaningfully build on the planning effort of the 2007 Dublin Community Plan while studying the emerging demographic trends and development
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Responding to Changing Market Demands

National Trends The changing nature of commercial development markets, shifting demographics, future economic development opportunities, and a stronger preference for walkable urban environments form the foundation of the Bridge Street District Vision. A summary of the key points iden
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A Vision for the Future

The Bridge Street District Plan is a long-term vision: a concept bold enough to inspire the community’s commitment to adopting and implementing such a transformative plan, yet practical and realistic enough to realize the vision. The Bridge Street District Vision Statement describes a
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The Urban Design Framework

The urban design framework diagram is a method of translating the Bridge Street District Vision Principles into a general guide to development policy in the District. The framework addresses where natural green spaces and natural features should be emphasized as focal points; where mi
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Avery Road Corridor

View Larger Map Existing Character The Avery Road corridor stretches from the U.S. 33 interchange at Avery-Muirfield Drive to Dublin’s southern boundary, providing a connection from community-scale retail areas north of U.S. 33 to Columbus and Hilliard to the south. The area includes
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Creating Walkable Districts

View Larger Map The Bridge Street District Area Plan consolidates the character and design recommendations of previous plans and studies and includes special character elements informed by the issues and opportunities specific to each portion of the Bridge Street District. The charact
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Creating Urban Open Spaces and Greenway Connections

The Role of Urban Open Spaces While the Bridge Street District Vision calls for urban development densities, exceptional green spaces will still be a principal element of the District. A critical role of open space is the availability of access to fresh air and natural settings that c
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Bright Road Area

View Larger Map Existing Character The Bright Road focus area is bordered by Hard Road and I-270, and stretches west from Sawmill Road to Riverside Drive, comprising the northeast portion of the Emerald Corporate District. Defined by the planned extension of Emerald Parkway, the area
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Southwest Area

View Larger Map  The Southwest Area comprises nearly 1,500 acres of mostly undeveloped land stretching from Emerald Parkway to Houchard Road and bordering the City of Columbus to the south. The future extension of Tuttle Crossing Boulevard will open much of this area to development, a
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Fiscal Health