2007 Community Plan



Character & Environment

Land Use

Community Facilities

Historic Preservation

New Area Plan Graphics

New area plan graphics have been posted for the following areas: Emerald/Perimeter Focus Area (Coffman Park) Bridge Street District   Visit the Special Area Plans section to view and comment on these plans and related design recommendations.
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How to Use the Plan

The Dublin Community Plan is to be used as a guide for the City’s land use and development decisions. Dublin will continue working cooperatively with surrounding jurisdictions, and the Plan provides guidance on a variety of issues such as: community character, land use, environmental
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Bridge Street District

The Bridge Street District Plan establishes a vision that reinforces the City’s long-term fiscal health and sustainability and promotes competitiveness and market adaptability by creating new living environments and amenities.
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Planning and Zoning Commission to review draft updates

Special Area Plans, the Future Land Use Map and the Thoroughfare Plan The Planning and Zoning Commission will review  proposed amendments to the Community Plan at their November 8, 2012 special meeting. Planning has prepared new Special Area Plans for the Bridge Street District and We
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Using Infrastructure Efficiently

Increasing development opportunities in the Bridge Street District, where a significant amount of the City’s utility infrastructure already exists, will allow a more efficient use of the City’s existing water, sewer, and stormwater systems. As additional development and redevelopment
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West Innovation District

The western edge of Dublin is an area poised for significant change. With approximately 1,100 acres of land between Avery Road, Houchard Road, Shier Rings Road, and State Route 161/Post Road, the West Innovation District is a key portion of the City’s business neighborhoods targeted f
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Planning and Zoning Commission to review draft updates to Special Area Plans

The Planning and Zoning Commission will review the first draft of proposed amendments to the Community Plan’s special area plans at their October 4, 2012 meeting. Planning has prepared updates to the text, graphics and design recommendations of four existing area plans: the Avery Road
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Fiscal Health