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Bright Road Area Plan

The City’s Planning Division has initiated an update to the Community Plan’s Bright Road Area Plan. The last major update of the Bright Road Area Plan occurred with the update of the Community Plan in 2007. Since that time, the final phase of Emerald Parkway has been completed through the planning area and improvements to Sawmill Road and Hard Road are either completed or underway.
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Dublin Community Plan Going Digital

Dublin’s Planning Division is in the process of converting its award-winning Community Plan to an entirely digital format. This is being done to allow easier updates and make the Plan more user-friendly. Look for more interactive maps and graphics to better explain some of the Plan’s concepts.
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What is the Community Plan?

The Community Plan is the key policy guide for decision-making about Dublin’s built and natural environments. The plan contains recommendations to guide development strategies for the unincorporated areas to the northwest of Dublin and for unincorporated ‘islands’ of land surrounded by the city.
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